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Real Time Data Driven Marketing



Companies must constantly reinvent themselves as website users and buyer habits change on a minute by minute basis. The only way marketers and site owners can understand and serve their customers efficiently is through real time customer experience data. Companies that don’t instantly evolve with their customers will see revenue and engagement levels decrease rapidly over time.

Youneeq’s real time data driven marketing platform combines productivity metrics with data driven product listings and decision-making tools. These tools help today’s marketers determine product and content listing options and listing ROI. This includes dashboard reporting for management and customized alerts for real time decision making and adjustments.


The Benefits


Individuals vs Groups

Allows marketers to create one to one relationships with their audience, providing seamless customer experiences.

Real Time Customer Insights

Customer intent and insights are calculated in real time and are ready for immediate use.


Reduce the level of user frustration on mobile platforms and increases channel revenues and opportunities.

Increase KPI’s

Increases ad revenues, conversion rates, subscriptions, acquisition and retention levels, SEO, SEM, and engagement.




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