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Real Time Customer Insights



Youneeq’s real time customer insights give marketing professionals and site owners a secure, centralized, and easily accessible understanding of individual site users. With this information, marketers can create a seamless customer experience on one site or across a network of sites. Real time customer insights provide today’s marketers with a one-to-one relationship to their clients.

As your internet traffic grows, so does the amount of customer experience data. This includes what people read or order, when they read or order, how long they stay on the site, what they look at, what others with similar interests look at, how they rate and review the products, and much more. Youneeq’s dashboard delivers real time customer insight data to marketers immediately.



How It Benefits You

Attitudes & Behaviour

Identify and influence what drives customers’ attitudes and behaviour.

Real Time Customer Reactions

Immediately capture customer reactions across multiple devices and channels.

 Chains of Touchpoints

Customers’ reactions to each exchange are shaped by their previous interactions with a brand. 

Increase KPI’s

Increases ad revenues, conversion rates, subscriptions, acquisition and retention levels, SEO, SEM, and engagement.


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