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Our Clients

We like to work with ambitious publishers. Youneeq is about you, your mindset and your passion for what you do.

Are you driven and determined to see your publishing site succeed. We have the same drive and vision for our clients as well. We genuinely want our customers to succeed, it’s important for us to work with people who share the same vision.

Are you tired of campaigns, promises and technology that have delivered little value or no response? Youneeq’s powerful tools and results become an extension of your company, reflecting your energy, excitement and passion back at your readers.

Leveraging large amounts of data into business value is a key demonstrable benefit of Youneeq.

Youneeq is congruent, measured, carefully thought through, implemented creatively and intelligently. As your readers evolve in real time so does Youneeq 

Youneeq’s real time data driven marketing platform combines productivity metrics with data driven product listing and decision-making tools to determine product and content listing options and listing ROI. This includes dashboard reporting for management and customized alerts for real time decision making and adjustments.


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Media • Publishers • E-Commerce • E-Government

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