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Murray Galbraith, CEO

Murray Galbraith founded one of the oldest digital media game review websites on the Internet in 1995. He’s been actively involved in Internet marketing and the business of the Internet since Game-boyz inception.

Murray understands the many pains digital media websites can experience, as he’s been through similar circumstances. He’s been consulting and speaking about this for many years, including industry events such as CES.

With over 18 years of Internet marketing experience, Murray has worked with and consulted for many high profile companies, including: Microsoft games, Nintendo, Sony, Disney Corporation, Acer, EA, Activision, Sierra, Vivendi, Encyclopedia Britannica and many others.

Mark Walker, President

Mark Walker is a 30-year veteran of the media business. Most recently he was responsible for the operations, sales, and marketing of the Black Press Group’s digital properties, including over 90 websites and a number of verticals. Prior to that assignment, Walker was responsible for Black Press’ newspaper operations in southern British Columbia.

In addition to digital and newspaper operations, Walker has provided business development and operations management services to a range of digital asset management, software development and open source enterprises.

Rob Wylie, Technology Advisor

Rob holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from the University of Waterloo

Rob Wylie’s primary technical interest concerns the design, construction and deployment of competent software systems to support and/or automate technical decision-making. Rob has 20 years experience building, deploying and testing “intelligent” systems for equipment/process monitoring, diagnosis, scheduling and optimization in a range of sectors (pulp and paper, mining, aviation, energy, manufacturing).

In addition to this experience doing collaborative R&D with large industrial players, Rob’s work over the past decade as an Industry Technology Advisor (for NRC’s IRAP program) has given him insight into the specific market, finance and management challenges confronted by early stage technology SMEs.

Rob’s specialties include: R&D project and group management, physical systems simulation and modeling; model based knowledge representation and reasoning; rule based and case based reasoning techniques; system architectures for knowledge based high level control and decision support/automation.

John Walker CFO

John Walker, CFO

John Walker is a Chartered Accountant with 40 years of business experience progressing from public accounting and consulting to a Controller-ship followed by Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Development roles. He has experience working in Canada, the UK, Australia and the United States for both large and small enterprises. He is a dual citizen of Canada and America.

John is entrepreneurial and has also worked in companies with as many as 23,000 employees. His industry sector experience has included manufacturing, materials, education, publishing and the media industry.

Mr. Walker is currently consulting to several companies primarily in the areas of mergers , acquisitions, partnership formation, and financing’s. He is also active on several volunteer boards and committees relating to skiing and sailing and is Treasurer and a Director of a charity. He remains active in sports, particularly skiing and sailing.

Mike Lally, CTO

With a diverse technology career under his belt Mike Lally offers a unique multi-faceted voice to any project. He has worked as a consultant for some of the largest companies in the industry such as IBM and EDS, and also assisted small to mid-size companies as their needs expand.

Michael comes from an engineering background, switching to Information Technology early on in his career. From there his skills in writing custom software and working with complex data sets pushed him further towards programming, the area where he has focussed for most of the last ten years. As a senior software developer Michael has worked with a wide range of programming architectures and platforms including Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS 6.x – 10.x, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostreSQL, Java, Python, Pearl, PHP, C, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, .NET, C#, ASP.NET.

Some of his latest work includes writing the simulation engine for one of the most widely accredited medical simulations in Diabetes education, and leading the development on an e-learning solution used by numerous training departments within the pharmaceutical industry.

Steve Graham, Senior Technical Advisor

Steve Graham is an accomplished technical architect with over 30 years of experience developing software for a range of platforms and technologies. With a strong technical background, including a degree in Electronic Engineering, Steve’s focus has been to provide solutions that solve user’s real needs.

Steve provides high level strategic technical vision, analysis of requirements, and identification of key abstractions and definition of the overall architecture.

For Municipal Software, now part of MS Govern, Steve has spent over eighteen years guiding the evolution of their core CityView product through numerous technology generations and architectures. In 2002, CityView was the world-wide winner of the Microsoft Certified Partner Awards in the Packaged Application category. Steve has also been an architectural consultant to AbeBooks and inHance.

Mark Pierce, Software Developer

Mark Pierce is a highly motivated developer with strong leadership skills and a desire to always improve the quality of the company offerings. A recent graduate of the Computer Science program at the University of Victoria; Mark excels in C#, Python, Java, SQL, and is ever expanding his repertoire of skills in the bleeding edge technologies that he works with on a daily basis. As an integration specialist for Youneeq he has built custom content presentations that are utilized on many leading digital publishing sites throughout North America.

Alex Smith, Front-End Developer

Alex Smith received his B.Sc in Computing Science from Vancouver Island University in 2014. Along with his technical background, he brings digital media, design, and customer interaction skills to the team.

Alex has experience in a variety of areas, including web development, game development and database management, and enjoys exploring new techniques and technologies. He has worked with many different platforms, such as MySQL, Cassandra, Java, C++, Scala, Ruby, and others.

Currently, he is focusing on functional programming techniques and investigating new ways to bring recommended content to customers.

David Bell, Systems Administrator

David Bell is a graduate of the Computer Science program at the University of Victoria. He has experience working with C, Python, Java and SQL, among other platforms. While his primary responsibilities are those of a systems administrator David is also involved in crafting presentations for clients, trouble-shooting existing code and developing exciting new ways to expand our service for existing customers. David is very excited to expand his technical knowledge by launching his career at a company working with cutting-edge technologies and to be part of the technical team here at Youneeq.

Sam Beveridge, Front-End Developer

Sam Beveridge graduated from the Computer Systems Technology program at Camosun College in 2015. During the program he built a strong base of skills in platforms such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and C#. He also acquired experience in project management and database management.

Sam enjoys learning and utilizing new technologies in order to solve technical problems. He also uses this knowledge to develop clean, dynamic web pages and tools to be used by Youneeq and its clients. Sam looks forward to further advancing his technical skills with Youneeq, and is excited to expand into new technologies that will grow his skills as a developer.

Jim Romano, Business Development Director

Jim Romano’s career spans thirty years of successful strategic start-ups for small to medium-sized businesses in Canadian and US markets. He’s provided corporate strategy, branding and structuring, and successfully raised initial capital in venture markets.

From 2010 to 2014, he served as President, CEO, and Director of Amato Exploration Ltd., a junior mining exploration company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. He remains a Director of the Company. During his tenure, he completed equity financings in Amato of approximately $1.5 million, as well as reviewed some 40 different mining projects for potential acquisition and development. Prior to that, he founded Horizon Industries Ltd., a junior exploration and production oil & gas company. As President and Director, he led Horizon through formation to production, listing on the TSX Venture Exchange, securing capital for acquisitions, and establishing operations in Canada and the USA.

A natural marketer and fundraiser, James brings a pragmatic, organized approach to strategy, tapping sources of start-up and expansion capital, and developing infrastructure for success while maintaining strong regulatory adherence with no security violations.

Kiana Karimkhani, Marketing

Kiana Karimkhani is a graduate of the University of Victoria’s Creative Writing program, where she won the President’s Scholarship and the Keith and Shirley Wagner Prize for Writing. She is a passionate storyteller who has created content for a range of platforms, including print, digital, video, and theatre. Her background in film production, journalism, and marketing has given her the tools to shape a brand’s image and messaging.

When she’s not in the office, Kiana enjoys watching (and reviewing) local shows, writing in coffee shops (holed up for hours, much to the barista’s chagrin), and buying rare foods from the market in hopes that one day she’ll make something different for dinner.