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Youneeq is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform for Omni channel personalization that delivers the most relevant and individual customer experiences across web, mobile, in store and to any digital device, anywhere in real time.

Youneeq’s AI-powered personalization platform analyzes behaviors of each individual site/network user, utilizes artificial intelligence to calculate their likes, wants, needs and intent, and then automatically displays the most relevant content and products in real-time and across all digital touchpoints—including site search, product recommendations, category pages, landing pages, and email.

Youneeq combines individual user behaviours, product intelligence, and A.I. to create intimate and impactful user experiences.

We’ve already served over 1 billion personalized experiences, and we’re just getting started. Youneeq is led by a world-class team, we have the relationships, passion, and resources to apply cutting edge technology at unprecedented scale.

Youneeq’s suite of A.I powered tools and services increase revenues, engagement, efficiencies and marketing ROI.