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1 to 1 User Experiences

Watch Revenues and Engagement levels increase.

Using Youneeq will benefit your:

Individual Experience

Create a personalized content experience for every user on your site.

Page Views and Engagement

1 to 1 user experiences lead to higher page views, ad revenues, and an increase in conversions.


Reduce the level of user frustration on mobile platforms and increases channel revenues and opportunities.

Ad Revenues

1 to 1 user experiences result in higher programmatic ad revenue and yields.

Media • Publishers • E-Commerce • E-Government

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More Benefits & Features:

Decreases Bounce Rates

No more one-and-done clicking! We keep visitors on your site for longer and increase page views.

Drives Social Media Traffic

Social media can be an important source for driving visitors to your site, and we make sure once they click on it, they stay. 

Optimizes Content For SEO

Our dashboard helps you understand your users’ interests so you can target relevant content that will make your website more visible. 

Real Time Search Analytics

Understand your readers and what they want, then use those insights to focus on content that’s most popular.

Updates in Real Time

Your readers will get updated content the moment it’s published.

Seamless Indexing

Our reliable indexing facilitates fast and accurate information retrieval. 


Attitudes & Behaviours

Identify and influence what drives customers’ attitudes and behaviour.

Connects Disparate Websites

Connects across multiple CMS’s and databases.


With a central database, your team can interact and engage from different areas of your company, and security risks are minimized.

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