Very Simple to Install

Publisher Integration
Youneeq utilizes a RESTful API, which means that it uses common web standards to communicate. By default the API uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to send and receive data, allowing requests to be passed to and from JavaScript without converting the data between formats.
Youneeq Publisher Example Integration
Youneeq is a simple to install, all you need to do is add a few lines of code to the site and Youneeq takes care of all the heavy lifting.
Ad Tech
Youneeq is extremely flexible and can be installed easily under many different scenarios. Below is a basic description of one of these options.
Basic Integration 
This approach is simple to configure, very secure and offers superior performance.
An API request is made to the Youneeq API using data already passed into a client server request which generates an iframe used to render content. A series of Ids are returned that a server can render as ads or content recommendations, depending on what was requested.
As mentioned this is one of may options. Please contact us at 250.483.5446 to discuss your individual needs