First round of test results are in and WOW.

The below results are from our first test round. Testing was done for the months of Sept- Nov and compared to the previous 3 months.

  • 184% increase in Ad revenue

  • 114% increase in Visits

  • 134% Increase in Unique Visitors

  • Page Load time decreased-

  • Visitor flow has increased by 500%


"Traffic in the last few months has nearly doubled"

"I'm a huge fan of giving recommendations to users. Wallpaper Abyss now has over 210,000 individual pieces of content. Even with a category/subcategory system, it's tough to know whether your website structure is giving users what they want, when they want it. Youneeq does exactly that."

David West Owner AlphaCoders
If you would like to be put on the standby list for this round or apply for the next round please still fill out the form.
Interested in having your website users stay on your site longer, consume more content and increase your revenues? Tired of leaving content and profits on the table? Than Youneeq is the product for you.  We’re looking for serious website owners who want to see improvements in these areas. Youneeq brings first to market features and a ground breaking organic algorithm to your site for free. This offer is only available to sites during the closed Beta testing phase. Only a limited amount of slots are available.
The main aim of our beta program is to test changes and innovations in a “real world” environment that cannot be simulated in our development test laboratory - and to help us in improving the quality of the release version. The technology does not affect user's page load times, site branding, site advertising, site marketing, or any other site feature.
Our ideal beta clients are Digital Media Publishing and E-commerce sites are looking to increase increase site stickiness site,  revenues, conversion rates and decrease bounce rates. Market research shows that these type of technologies increase advertising and conversion rates by over 100%.


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