Redefining the Mobile User Experience

Youneeq redefines and personalizes the mobile user experience. By decreasing user frustration levels and increasing channel revenues and opportunities.

Web surfing on mobile devices, especially smartphones, is a frustrating experience for consumers. Personalized content alleviates the need for surfing and delivers relevant content immediately to the mobile device and subsequently the user. With greater mobile channel efficiencies web site owners will be able to maximize their revenues.

Youneeq will help to drive mobile app integration by providing a better mobile user experience and creating more “up selling” and “migration” opportunities. Up selling and migration has a higher conversion rate when initiated by a “friendly” user experience. As opposed to low conversion rates when trying to move from an inferior experience. It’s essential for web sites to create that superior “first mobile impression.” There is very little loyalty in B-C and if the initial “mobile experience is poor this will be directly reflected in mobile usage rates. And effectively drive your customers into your competitor’s arms.

Youneeq is the cornerstone technology for a superior cross channel user engagement strategy. Ensuring users receive a consistent experience across all of your digital touch points.




smartphone Above: Youneeq recommendation on smartphone

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