"Youneeq's personalized search is an excellent tool that helps drive engagement and user satisfaction levels."

John Crisp, VP New Media, The Toledo Blade

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Site Search For Publishers

Help your visitors find the content they’re looking for.


User Experience

Provide your readers with a personalized search experience that helps them find content with no delay, turning your site’s browsers into subscribers.

Page Views and Engagement

On-site searches helps your readers immediately find the topics they are most interested in, leading to higher page views, ad revenues, and an increase in conversions.


Your audience will receive a quick and reliable search experience regardless of what device they are using. The search interface easily adapts to mobile, no pinch-zooming necessary.

Easy Installation

Installing search on your site is easy and simple to maintain. After it’s installed, there’s nothing you need to worry about—our team ensures your site is fully searchable within hours.

30 Day Search Trial for Publishers

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Predict what your readers are searching for as they type to lead them to the right content.

Faceted Search

Your readers can filter content based on qualifiers, like the publication date.


Difficulty spelling? Not a problem. Readers will still be able to find what they’re looking for regardless of typos.

Real Time Search Analytics

Understand your readers and what they’re searching for—then use those insights to focus on content that’s most popular.

Updates in Real Time

Your readers will be able to search for updated content the moment it’s published.

Seamless Indexing

Our reliable indexing facilitates fast and accurate information retrieval. 



Control your search relevancy algorithm to provide your readers with the most pertinent content.


Lightning fast search results delivered to your readers at any time, on any device.


With a central database, your team can interact and engage from different areas of your company, and security risks are minimized.

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Media • Publishers • E-Commerce • E-Government

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