"Youneeq's personalized search is an excellent tool that helps drive engagement and user satisfaction levels."

John Crisp, VP New Media, The Toledo Blade

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Real Time Data Analytics Tool


Youneeq’s real time data analytics tool is a powerful platform that individualizes your customer experience. We provide marketers with real time individual user data so you can remain competitive in the market place.

Some of our trusted clients include Black Press, Glacier Media, Block Communications, and Libercus.

Below are some of our clients documented results.

Revenue Increases

Engagement Improvements

Youneeq’s clients are seeing significant increases in revenues and user engagement levels. Youneeq’s pricing is performance based, simple to install, and future proof’s your site—there’s zero risk to try!

Youneeq’s predictive analyticsoffer an array of real time business intelligence tools and machine learning performance reports.

Youneeq’s Data Driven Publishing tool (first to market feature) offers real time marketing insights and decisions that arise from the analysis of data about or from your consumers. This creates new revenue streams and business opportunities.

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