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Real Time Data Analytics Tool

Real Time Data Analytics Tool


Youneeq’s real time data analytics tool is a powerful platform that individualizes your customer experience. We provide marketers with real time individual user data so you can remain competitive in the market place.

Some of our trusted clients include Black Press, Glacier Media, Block Communications, and Libercus.

Below are some of our clients documented results.

Revenue Increases

  • 20% increase in Ad Exchange revenue
  • 6.6% increase in Price Priority channel revenue
  • 21% increase in Local/Standard revenue
  • 7.7% increase in eCPM
  • 19% decrease in unfilled impressions

Engagement Improvements

  • 51% increase in Search Referrals
  • 75% increase in Direct Traffic
  • 89% increase in Social Media Referrals
  • 34% increase in user time on site
  • 19% decrease in unfilled impressions

Youneeq’s clients are seeing significant increases in revenues and user engagement levels. Youneeq’s pricing is performance based, simple to install, and future proof’s your site—there’s zero risk to try!

Youneeq’s predictive analyticsoffer an array of real time business intelligence tools and machine learning performance reports.

Youneeq’s Data Driven Publishing tool (first to market feature) offers real time marketing insights and decisions that arise from the analysis of data about or from your consumers. This creates new revenue streams and business opportunities.

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We would like to offer you a 30 day free trial of our award winning Artificial Intelligence engine.


1to1 Customer Experiences

1:1 Customer Experiences

Youneeq creates an individual customer experience, meaning no two customers see the same content across any digital media device.
Revenues and engagement levels dramatically increase when full site 1:1 feature is engaged.
Youneeq provides a full or partial site content recommendation solution that automates and personalizes the presentation of content, products, and data on websites. This feature drives personalized content in real time to individual users, creating a unique content experience for each user on the site. Automating personalized content presentation improves audience engagement, increases consumption, and results in higher programmatic ad revenue and yields. In addition, automated curation relieves the pressure on newsrooms to devote resources to constant updating of website content, allowing reallocation of those resources to content creation.




Free Trial

We would like to offer you a 30 day free trial of our award winning Artificial Intelligence engine.


Real Time Customer Insights

Real Time Customer Insights

Youneeq’s real time customer insights give marketing professionals and site owners a secure, centralized, and easily accessible understanding of individual site users. With this information, marketers can create seamless customer experiences on one site or across a network of sites.

As your internet traffic grows, so does the amount of customer experience data. This includes things like what people read or order, when they read or order, how long they stay on the site, what they look at, what others with similar interests look at, how they rate and review the products, and much more.

Real time customer insights allows today’s marketers to create one-to-one relationships with their clients.

Youneeq’s dashboard ensures that the right content gets to the right individual in real time.


Call us today (866.515.0110 ext 102) or email (mark dot walker at youneeq dot ca) to learn more.

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Real Time Data Driven Marketing

Real Time Data Driven Marketing

Companies must constantly reinvent themselves as website users and buyers habits change on a minute by minute basis. The only way marketers and site owners can understand and serve their customers efficiently is via real time customer experience data. To succeed in today’s market requires companies to evolve with their customers immediately. Those who don’t will see revenue and engagement levels decrease rapidly over time.

Youneeq’s real time data driven marketing platform combines productivity metrics with data driven product listing and decision-making tools to determine product and content listing options and listing ROI. This includes dashboard reporting for management and customized alerts for real time decision making and adjustments.

Real Time Data Driven Marketing Benefits

  • Treating customers as individuals versus a group increases ad revenues, conversion rates, subscriptions, SEO, SEM, and engagement levels.
  • Customer intent and insights are calculated in real time.
  • Content and products are delivered immediately to any device anywhere. If it’s got a screen and an I.P connection, Youneeq can deliver the data.
  • Youneeq connects technologies, ensuring a superior, seamless, and relevant user experience.






Standard Recommendations

Located on the ‘home’ or ‘landing’ page of your website, this recommendation panel will generate predictive, behavioural based content recommendations, with the intent to further engage your users.

Full Site Personalization

Youneeq can personalize up to 100% of a websites content. We recommend between 60% – 90% to leave room for serendipity. Automating the curation and presentation of content which will drive operating margins.

Demand Driven Publishing

Demand Driven Publishing (DDP) computes the profitability of a relationship (people and content) in real time and alerts a decision maker to that opportunity.


Youneeq’s dashboard offers a comprehensive set of analytics tools that analyze, summarize and display important metrics from your site traffic data, allowing you access to metrics such as location, device-type, time-on-site, and many more.


Youneeq utilizes the same technology as Netflix, ebay, ING, UBS and is infinitely scalable.

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Free Technical Support

When Youneeq is enabled on your site or network, our technical team will be dedicated to making sure that it works properly for you. The team is available for information, support, assistance, and will ensure you know how Youneeq’s Dashboard functions and the impact Youneeq has on your network.

Future Proof Your Site



Youneeq’s AI can deliver and collect data from any digital media device you can think of.
Extremely efficient and scalable Youneeq’s API is ready to handle your current and future needs.
Youneeq utilizes a restful API that works with any database or content management system.


Youneeq of Everything






Smart Watches

Smart Appliance



Gaming Consoles

International Space Station

Interactive Advertising Displays

Basically most everything with a screen.



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We would like to offer you a 30 day free trial of our award winning Artificial Intelligence engine.


Cross Domain & Networks

From 1 to thousands of websites and domains Youneeq is built for scalability

cross domain

Free Trial

We would like to offer you a 30 day free trial of our award winning Artificial Intelligence engine.