Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics – Leveraging your data into business value with Youneeq.

Leading AI researcher Andrew Ng said that AI is the new electricity as it will fundamentally change all industrial sectors.

As your internet traffic grows so does the amount of customer experience data. Things like what people read or order, when they read or order, how long they stay on the site, what they look at, what others with similar interests look at, how they rate the products, review products and much more.

How do you create a real time one-to-one relationship with your clients and real time Business Value through Business Intelligence (BI) from all this data? The answer is with Youneeq’s machine learning algorithms.

Youneeq’s dashboard offers up an array of business intelligence tools, predictive analytics tools and machine learning performance reports.

Youneeq’s Predictive Analytics services will improve the user experience by making it more engaging, efficient, personalized and thereby increasing revenues, optimizing marketing efforts and decreasing costs.


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