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Full Site Curation

Full Site Curation

Youneeq provides a full or partial site content recommendation solution that automates and personalizes the presentation of content on websites. This feature drives personalized content in real time to individual users, creating a unique content experience for each user on the site. Automating personalized content presentation improves audience engagement, increases consumption and results in higher programmatic ad revenue and yields. In addition, automated curation relieves the pressure on newsrooms to devote resources to constant updating of website content allowing reallocation of those resources to content creation.


Client results from full site curation

real worl results

Business Intelligence – Predictive Analytics

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics – Leveraging your data into business value with Youneeq.

Leading AI researcher Andrew Ng said that AI is the new electricity as it will fundamentally change all industrial sectors.

As your internet traffic grows so does the amount of customer experience data. Things like what people read or order, when they read or order, how long they stay on the site, what they look at, what others with similar interests look at, how they rate the products, review products and much more.

How do you create a real time one-to-one relationship with your clients and real time Business Value through Business Intelligence (BI) from all this data? The answer is with Youneeq’s machine learning algorithms.

Youneeq’s dashboard offers up an array of business intelligence tools, predictive analytics tools and machine learning performance reports.

Youneeq’s Predictive Analytics services will improve the user experience by making it more engaging, efficient, personalized and thereby increasing revenues, optimizing marketing efforts and decreasing costs.


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Hype Cycle Prediction, Trend Analysis, Interest clustering

This is a first to market feature that combines productivity metrics with data driven product listing decision-making tools to determine product and content listing options and listing ROI. This includes dashboard reporting for management and customized alerts for real time decision making and adjustments.



Client Results


“Youneeq’s behavioural, predictive content recommendation technology has generated incremental page view growth and improved engagement at the Toledo Blade.  The Blade has selected Youneeq to drive automated content curation and personalization on the upcoming new release of Toledo Blade website…”

John Crisp, VP New Media, The Toledo Blade


“…There are many solutions available to us that claim to enhance our audience experience and streamline operations; however, Youneeq is unique in generating engagement and delivering comprehensive audience and content insights, in real time, without additional resource allocation or new processes required to achieve success.”

Chris Johnson, Senior Product Manager, Glacier Media


real worl results






Standard Recommendations

Located on the ‘home’ or ‘landing’ page of your website, this recommendation panel will generate predictive, behavioural based content recommendations, with the intent to further engage your users.

Full Site Personalization

Youneeq can personalize up to 100% of a websites content. We recommend between 60% – 90% to leave room for serendipity. Automating the curation and presentation of content which will drive operating margins.

Demand Driven Publishing

Demand Driven Publishing (DDP) computes the profitability of a relationship (people and content) in real time and alerts a decision maker to that opportunity.


Youneeq’s dashboard offers a comprehensive set of analytics tools that analyze, summarize and display important metrics from your site traffic data, allowing you access to metrics such as location, device-type, time-on-site, and many more.


Youneeq utilizes the same technology as Netflix, ebay, ING, UBS and is infinitely scalable.

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When Youneeq is enabled on your site or network, our technical team will be dedicated to making sure that it works properly for you. The team is available for information, support, assistance, and will ensure you know how Youneeq’s Dashboard functions and the impact Youneeq has on your network.

API Delivery System

Future Proof Your Service


Youneeq’s AI can deliver and collect data from any digital media you can think of.
Extremely efficient and scalable Youneeq’s API is ready to handle your current and future  needs.
Youneeq utilizes a restful API that works with any database or content management system.
Smart Watches
Smart Appliance
Gaming Consoles
Interactive Advertising Displays
Basically most everything with a screen.



Cross Domain & Networks

 From 1 to thousands of websites and domains Youneeq is built for scalability

cross domain