Leading AI researcher Andrew Ng says that AI is the new electricity as it will fundamentally change all industrial sectors, Forrester predicts that AI investments will grow by 300% in 2017.


Youneeq has a strong presence in the Canadian market and a growing client base in the USA. Youneeq is generating recurring revenue, has a proven, knowledgeable management team, world class development team, involved in a growth market, offers secure IP protection, has a strong exit and differentiation strategy.


The Youneeq Management Team is made up of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs — all have more than 20 years’ experience working in their respective fields. The CEO, Murray Galbraith, took his first Internet property public in 1996. Mark Walker, President, boasts more than 30 years publishing experience. The advisory board consists of internationally respected legal, accounting and business advisers.


We are focused on executing against our strategic priorities: invest in people, grow revenues and operational efficiency, expand our market access, and continue to innovate. All which is meant to deliver strong financial performance.


If you’d like to learn more about investing in Youneeq please call me at 250.483.5446 or email murray at youneeq.ca



Murray Galbraith CEO

E-Commerce • Media

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