Helping governments get the right messages to the right businesses and citizens in real time.

E-Commerce • Media

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Giving engagement & consultation staff real time tools to better manage the process.

Increasing engagement & utilization of e-government websites.


Provides Personalized & Relevant Messaging

Deliver the most compelling, relevant, and timely content to individuals and businesses in real time.

Connects Huge Databases Across Departments

Works intuitively across multiple agency and department websites, pulling the most relevant information.

Analyzes Your Consultation Impacts

Who is visiting your site and what are they looking for? Gain useful information about your audience through individual and aggregate user data.

Identifies If Your Message Resonates

Is your message leaving the impression that you intended? Receive feedback on your content in real time so you can tweak it to best suit your users’ needs.

E-Commerce • Media

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More Features and Benefits

Save Tax Dollars

Zero support contracts.

Faceted Search

Your readers can filter content based on qualifiers across multiple agencies and departments.

Attitudes & Behaviours

Identify and influence what drives citizen’s attitudes and behaviour.

Real Time Analytics

Understand your citizens and what they’re searching for, then use those insights to focus on the content that’s most popular.

Updates in Real Time

Citizens will be able to search for updated content the moment it’s published.

Seamless Indexing

Our reliable indexing facilitates fast and accurate information retrieval.



Control your search relevancy algorithm to provide your readers with the most pertinent content.


Lightning fast search results delivered to your readers at any time, on any device.

Cloud Based

With a cloud database, your team can interact and engage from different areas of government, and security risks are minimized.


We would like to offer you a 30 day free trial of our award winning Artificial Intelligence engine.

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