Double , triple and quintuple results WOW!!!!!!

Can you believe our first set of results, they are off the charts.

  • 186% increase in Ad revenue
  • 114% increase in Visits
  • 134% Increase in Unique Visitors
  • Page load time decrease
  • Visitor flow increased by 500%

From a sales/business development stand point I find the growth numbers exactly what the market is asking for regarding efficient revenue generating practices and increased user engagement levels.
They also validate Youneeq's extremelly strong value proposition. Real time content personalization leads to dramatic increases in user engagement levels and site revenues. By closely aligning individual users with relevant content , users stay longer, consume more content which has a direct impact on a websites bottome line.
Web publishing and E-Commerce is going through a profound change. Rules and aggregated based technologies are simple ineffective when it comes to getting the right message and products to the right people at the right time. Only an algorithmic approach is able to generate the data which will raise revenues and user engagement levels.
If you’re tired of leaving content and revenue on the table than give Youneeq a try. It’s a zero risk opportunity.

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