Predictive Analytics Tools – ROI Results

Throughout history societies have understood the importance of sharing information. As data sharing became more complex, people started processing new and better ways to record and deliver communications more effectively.   Oral traditions of information storage were supplemented and for the most part replaced by hand written languages recorded on tablets, papyrus and paper, which keep reading →



Content Marketing ROI – Mine For Gold In Your Own Backyard

Many publishers invest significant time and money in SEO and various traffic generation tactics in an effort to increase overall page views and content marketing ROI. In many cases, any success in building organic search traffic volume is offset by a corresponding increase in bounced traffic, and a devaluation of the overall audience from an keep reading →


Actionable Data: Getting Your Users to do Your Work for You

As a predictive analytics service, the impact of Youneeq’s recommendations is intimately tied to our ability to collect actionable data about our clients’ users. Interactive recommendations allow the end user to select what attributes an article should have and sends that information to the recommendation system to get new recommendations back. This process benefits the keep reading →


Adventures in Data Analytics: Visualizing High-dimensional Data

First off, what is data analytics? Data analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. It involves using data analysis techniques to provide insights into data sets and using those insights to guide decision making, often in a business context. Clustering is a data analysis technique. While there are a number of keep reading →


Combining Youneeq Plugin for WordPress

One of Youneeq’s biggest advantages is the ability to seamlessly integrate targeted recommendations into any website. Of course, with the wide variety of content management systems available today, it can be difficult to keep track of the various ways in which websites store and retrieve their data – there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A more keep reading →


Youneeq’s Predictive Analytics Technology Chosen By Online Publisher

Truth Publishing Company Signs On For Production Across Network Victoria, BC,  November 24, 2014 –  Youneeq, the next generation in predictive analytics for Internet publishers, advertisers and e-commerce websites, is excited to announce a production agreement with online news publisher, Truth Publishing Company. Youneeq is currently operating on, the primary news site for The Elkhart Truth, a daily newspaper in Elkhart, Indiana. keep reading →

Press Release

Behavioural Targeting: Rules Based versus Predictive Analytics: Part 3

With this final part in the Behavioural Targeting blog series, I’d like to shamelessly plug Youneeq’s advantages as the predictive analytics solution for online publishers and advertisers. First, Youneeq is a patent pending, predictive analytics algorithm that farms huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently across site owners’ networks, delivering behaviourally targeted content recommendations to keep reading →


Mobile Internet and the Importance of Youneeq

Look around the tech blogs lately and you will take note. The way we predominantly consume media is changing, and mobile is quickly becoming the top utensil for the feast. This shouldn’t be a surprise though. People are busy and mobile is transportable almost everywhere. Mobile devices/tablets now account for close to 50 percent of keep reading →