Filed our first patent app

"Youneeq" ground breaking predictive analytics technology files first patent application.

Youneeq is a Technology Trend

Check out this link to top trends for 2013 submitted by JWT inteligence. This is one of many reports that highlights predicitve personalization as being integral to winning the user engagement and revenue race on the internet.

Big Data Revolution


Web publishing and E-Commerce is going through a profound change. Rules and aggregated based technologies are simple ineffective when it comes to handling big data and getting the right message and products to the right people at the right time. Only an algorithmic approach is able to generate the data which will raise revenues and user engagement levels.

To compete in today’s market digital media and e-commerce sites need to deliverhighly personalized and relevant products, news and information to the public in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Double , triple and quintuple results WOW!!!!!!

Can you believe our first set of results, they are off the charts.

My CES speaking experience

I had the pleasure of sitting on a “Content in the Cloud” (CITC) panel put on by the DCIA (Distributed Computing Industry Association) at this Year’s CES. The topic was Consumer Electronics (CE) Manufacturer Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud-Delivered Content.