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Youneeq is a proven and award-winning Artificial Intelligence technology that increases revenues, engagement levels, contains suite of real time data driven marketing tools that take the guess work out of marketing decisions and an A.I. powered site search feature which provides readers with a personalized search experience that helps them find content with no delay, turning your site’s browsers into subscribers.

Youneeq has a presence in the Canadian market and a growing client base in the USA. Youneeq is expanding into the Brazilian, South African, UK, and Asia markets.

Youneeq is made up of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs, who all have more than 20 years’ experience working in their respective fields. The advisory board consists of internationally respected legal, accounting, and business advisers.

Youneeq’s bundled service is deployed on clients’ sites as a publisher’s Content Management System (CMS) plugin or a set of scripts which track behaviour of site visitors and manage presentation of recommendations.

Youneeq’s product is simple, scalable, profitable, and requires little to no client side resources to manage once installed. It’s a true fire-and-forget solution with little to no risk.