The Youneeq management team is made up of industry experts and veterans with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in each of their fields. Murray Galbraith CEO over 30 years sales and marketing experience marked with taking his first internet property public in 1999. Kit Spence has his MBA and founded Canada’s first stock market reporting website, Canstock.com, and has many years of start-up and managerial experience. Peter Howley has raised more than $100 million in venture capital and is a best-selling business author. Henry Braithwaite has held business development positions at NEC and Siemens in the public sector markets, securing partnerships with companies like Cisco, IPC & Verizon.
Youneeq is also part of Accelerate Tectoria which provides a structured venture development service designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs. Delivered by VIATeC, the service is based on the BCIC Accelerator Network (BCAN) definition developed by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC). The service is designed to help Youneeq reach its maximum potential by supporting Youneeq with mentoring, facilities, advice and access to other vital resources.
Murray Galbraith CEO
Murray founded one of the oldest digital media websites on the internet in 1996, which is still in operation today. Murray has been actively involved in the internet since Game-boyz inception in 1996. With over 16 years of internet marketing experience Murray has worked with and consulted for companies including Microsoft games, Nintendo, Sony, Disney Corporation, Acer, EA, Activision, Sierra, Vivendi, Encyclopedia Britannica and many others.
Murray understands the pain digital media websites are feeling as he's been feeling, consulting and speaking about this for many years.
Kit Spence COO
Kit was a pioneer in the Internet developing and creating Canada’s first comprehensive stock market and mutual fund information service in 1994. Since 2003 he has provided consulting services to game developers assisting them with financing, business management and strategic planning. He provides management and strategic planning services to Game-boyz and is the business manager behind the games expertise of the rest of the team.
Mark Walker- President
Mark Walker is a 30-year veteran of the media business.  Most recently he was responsible for the operations, sales and marketing of Black Press Groups digital properties, including over 90 websites and a number of verticals.  Prior to that assignment, Walker was responsible for Black Press’ newspaper operations in southern British Columbia.
In addition to digital and newspaper operations, Walker has provided business development and operations management services to a range of digital asset management, software development and open source enterprises.
Steve Graham - CTO
Steve Graham is an accomplished technical architect with over thirty years of experience developing software for a range of platforms and technologies. With a strong technical background, including a degree in Electronic Engineering, Steve’s focus has been to provide solutions that solve user’s real needs. He provides high level strategic technical vision, analysis of requirements, and identification of key abstractions and definition of the overall architecture.
For Municipal Software, now part of MS Govern, Steve has spent over eighteen years guiding the evolution of their core CityView product through numerous technology generations and architectures.  In 2002, CityView was the world-wide winner of the Microsoft Certified Partner Awards in the Packaged Application category. Steve has also been an architectural consultant to AbeBooks and inHance.
Mike Lally – Senior Architect
With a diverse technology career under his belt Michael offers a unique multi-faceted voice to any project. He has worked as a consultant for some of the largest companies in the industry such as IBM and EDS, and also assisted small to mid-size companies as their needs expand.

Michael comes from an engineering background, switching to Information Technology early on in his career. From there his skills in writing custom software and working with complex data sets pushed him further towards programming, the area where he has focussed for most of the last ten years. As a senior software developer Michael has worked with a wide range of programming architectures and platforms including Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS 6.x – 10.x, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostreSQL, Java, Python, Pearl, PHP, C, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, .NET, C#, ASP.NET.

Some of his latest work includes writing the simulation engine for one of the most widely accredited medical simulations in Diabetes education, and leading the development on an e-learning solution used by numerous training departments within the pharmaceutical industry.
Peter Cowan - IP Strategy Advisor
Peter Cowan is Senior Innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy management consultant.  He has created and led the growth of technology innovation and IP programs in companies from new start-ups to large multi-national companies.  He has worked with executives, inventors and technical teams across 8 countries to help identify and protect their breakthrough innovations, across both mature and emerging markets.  His breadth of knowledge extends into areas of software, hardware, firmware, HMI, architectures, smart grid, internet, and networked systems. He is an inventor on over 55 filed patents.
Peter Howley - Advisor
Peter A. Howley is a serial entrepreneur with unprecedented experience in building high growth disruptive technology and service companies. As Chairman of The Howley Management Group he works closely with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Boards to turn good ideas into great companies.
He has the distinction of leading his first venture backed company through IPO and acquisition into the pages of American business history as CEO of Centex Telemanegement. It was recognized as one of the fastest growing, best managed, most profitable companies in America. It retains a cult status in the service industry.
Robert Bennett - Advisor Accelerate Tectoria
Growth and development of others has always been one of Rob’s core values. He has been a board member and board Chair for VIATeC, has been on the advisory board in bringing AceTech to the Island (High Tech CEO conference), and in participating in dozens of guest panels and lectures at the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Camosun College. More recently, Rob was a CEO-In-Residence with BCTIA’s Centre4Growth program, providing coaching and mentoring to early stage companies throughout British Columbia, as well as running VIATeC’s LaunchPad program providing advice and coaching to 64 start-up and early stage companies. Rob is an accredited Lead Mentor with the BCIC Mentor Program, and provides mentorship through other programs offered locally. He also received the VIATeC Colin Lennox Award for Technology Champion in 2010.
Tony Melli - Advisor Accelerate Tectoria
Tony has spent the last 12 years investing in and mentoring early stage companies in Victoria and has over 25 years of system development, product management and entrepreneurial experience. Tony was the President and Founder of Bfound.com, a Victoria based Location Based Services (LBS) company that was sold to SignalSoft Corporation of Boulder, Colorado, a NASDAQ-listed company. After SignalSoft Tony was an angel investor in and served as Executive Chairman on the board of Triton Logging Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of underwater logging equipment and the management of large-scale international reservoir timber harvesting projects. Tony also co-founded Zumer where he led the led the development of the Zumer Information Portal. Most recently Tony served as the VP Operations, and Director of Product Management at Terapeak, a leading eCommerce analytics company.
The company is IRAP approved, SRED eligible and have our Eligible Business Corporation status. This means we have excellent investment and R&D vehicles in place to ensure the long term viability of the solution and protect your investment.
Youneeq is also a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, BizSpark Program, Microsoft Developer Network and Windows Azure program.
Please direct all investment enquiries via email to invest-at-youneeq.ca